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  Lourdes Onrubia
23 Rosas

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1. No es amor
2. 23 rosas
3. Me cuesta tanto olvidarte
4. Viviendo por ti
5. Ahora
6. Another world
  7. Volver a empezar
8. Sólo tú
9. Cerca de mí
10. La casa de la colina
11. 23 rosas (acústica)

Editorial reviews

Lourdes' voice is unique on the Spanish music scene. Her outstanding talent for coloratura put Lourdes on a par with the great divas of soul music.

On this CD, Lourdes' exceptional voice is wrapped up by masterful pop arrangements influenced by World Music. This album is a blend of intimist ballads and fast-paced dance songs like 'No es amor', with an oriental flavour reminiscent of Shakira. This track will soon be released separately on a CD single.
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